Cleansing Rain

…and when I cry,
Cleansing rain.

“And when I cry, let me cry like the rain, cleansingly, with all my my heart.”
This is a line from a song that often sings inside me, while the dogs take me for our evening walk. It starts with “and when I rise, let me rise like a bird, joyfully”.
You know this song? No? You can find the whole song on YouTube.
The second line is “and when I fall, let me fall like a leaf gracefully, without regrets”.
It is a very nice song to kind of chant, while walking.
While shuffling my cards this morning, to pick my “a card a day” card, this song was quietly floating in the back of my head. The Three of Swords jumped out of the deck!!
Like an air bubble surfacing from deep water, I heard the line – “-and when I cry, let me cry like the rain, cleansingly, with all my heart.


It clicked into place. The meaning of this feared card made sense!
Suddenly I saw this gloom and doom card from a different angle. It is a hurt-card. No doubt about that. Three swords of hurtful thoughts or hurtful words, pierced through the heart. As if the swords weren’t enough, clouds pouring real quality rain, real Norwegian west-coast rain, completes the painful image.
In the background the sky is dark. But, actually, not that dark. It is darkest just beneath the clouds.
I see clouds in the Tarot as symbolizing emotions and feelings. They are the water-element in the suit of the air-element. For me. That is how I see it. Just to keep safe, I emphasize that this is how I see it. You are very welcome to disagree.
For me the Three of Swords, today, is all about letting go of hurt and pain. Let the clouds release their burden of heavy water. When they do, there will be no more clouds, no more dark shadows in the sky and the heart will be cleansed. Healing can start.
“and when I cry, let me cry like the rain, cleansingly, with all my heart.”

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