Furnishing my shop

Hello and thank you for opening my blog!

To be honest, I am a little scared and feel a little lost here.
Where do I start?
This is my first blog post here, inside my little Tarot Reading shop. I am in a new room, in a new space that I have created for myself.
I want to be very mindful about what I put in it….
I think I will continue like I started, by being honest.

To be honest, I combine the Tarot with Gratitude.
Out comes the most wonderful things. I know that. I have tried and experienced the wonderful things.
But….sometimes Gratitude can be very difficult to practice. You wake up to a long to-do list waiting for you, your head is full of cotton, your legs won’t move ….
You know what I mean, right? For me, getting on to my yoga mat and do my yoga-session on a lazy day is a much lower hurdle than to practice Gratitude on a bad morning.
Bad mornings are bad! But the intervals in which they appear are getting longer and longer, thanks to Gratitude.

This all reminds me of the piano we had at home, when I was a kid. I remember how I could not even touch the keys when I felt grumpy! Let alone play, forget enjoying the music. I disliked the whole shape of the piano when I felt grumpy or sad or angry… I would not go near it. If anyone would ask me to play at that moment, I would snap at them and thunder out of the room.
Have you tried singing when you feel grumpy? Have you? You can’t sing and be grumpy at the same time, right?
The moment you start singing the grumpiness disappears.
So why do we not sing when we are grumpy?
Why do we not practice gratitude when we are afraid, andfear of scarcity or aloneness is filling our world?
Because we want to stay in that grumpiness, the anger, the fear, the loneliness. There are so many names to these feelings. You may choose the one that rules your space from time to time.
The feeling gives us a strange power. It does not feel good.
But still…maybe because we know this place, we want to stay there.
You want to stay there, and yet you know you want to get out of it.
It is easy with the grumpy part. A melody from a radio or the sound of laughter will magically loosen it up and it will evaporate by itself.
Fear of poverty, the fear of never being good enough, grief, sadness… These are tough nuts to crack.
Hard to make disappear. Not easily dissolvable.
They are like a big, black empty spaces, trying to gobble us up.
There are plenty of things that can create huge, deep and black holes in our hearts. The loss of job. Not getting a job. Loosing a loved one. Homesickness. Not finding a life-partner. Being in a bad relationship. Guilt. You probably have your own word for your black hole. Or holes.

This may sound naive, but! it does work…
I have tried it out.
The thing is called Gratitude. It works.
Like a charm, it works. Like magic!
It is so simple and sounds so basic but it can actually turn your whole world around!
It forces you into an other space. It fills up the space inside you and the space around you. You will be able to watch the space of those holes getting smaller and smaller until one day, and this works fast, you can not see them anymore. You will be able to re
remember them but you can not see them with your feelings anymore.
That is magic, don’t you think?

So, this being my new display-room in my brand new shop, the first item I want to put into place is GRATITUDE. I will use gratitude-lamps!

I hereby furnish my space with gratitude-lamps hanging from the ceiling. This way, all I see in here will be lit up by gratitude. The show-case is now lit up by gratitude-light and on my Tarot-reading table I put a fragrant gratitude-candle.
And, off course, there is a beautiful gratitude-lamp by the counter. I almost forgot to place one there!

If you stop by my store during your night, may the light of gratitude shine on you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading all the way through.
As a blog-opening gift, please feel free to bring gratitude with you when you leave my store and go out into your day.

Breathe and smile,

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