THE MAGIC BALL “Can I have some of that ruffling paper, again?” -“Sand appear? You mean sand paper?” “Yes! Sand paper!”, he answered.     

He had come bursting into my shop a little while ago, but had stopped just inside the door when seeing that I was working.
  He had tiptoed over to my […]

So! You worship the sun?

“So! You worship the sun,” he said. It was not a question. It was a statement. He had walked into my shop, unannounced and surprisingly, closing the gap of not having seen each other since we were in grade school with a radiant smile and a bear hug. Now he was standing in front of […]

Cleansing Rain

…and when I cry, Cleansing rain. “And when I cry, let me cry like the rain, cleansingly, with all my my heart.” This is a line from a song that often sings inside me, while the dogs take me for our evening walk. It starts with “and when I rise, let me rise like a […]


The corner of shame Published on October 1, 2016 Stand in the corner and be ashamed of yourself! Did you have a corner of shame in your classroom? Or in your home? In my school we did. Different teachers had different places they thought were appropriate for this purpose. Some would send us to a corner […]

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